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Default Re: Parallel of Two Turmoils

One thing I like about John Myer's writing is that he doesn't write with the tone or style of a local churcher. He doesn't say things like "these dear ones" or "may the Lord ever lead us...," which sound archaic. (Wouldn't "these dear folks" and "let's pray the Lord leads us..." be more accessible?) He writes for a modern audience. His book could be read by a non-LCer and the only odd thing would be the content, not the style.

WL used the same language and illustrations from 1955 to 1997. This might make some think his words sound timeless. Some said that Mr. Rogers, the children's TV host, did the same thing. They said his shows could be shown to any generation because he looked the same in 2001 as he did in 1968. He was timeless.

The problem is that Mr. Roger's popularity is waning. His style is behind the times. Some might say that's our loss, but regardless, he doesn't resonate like he used to.

The message of truth has to keep pace with the language of the times. Some might not like the Bible paraphrase The Message (My wife is deeply suspicious of it. I like it.), but what it does help to do is shatter the illusion that the Bible was written in some kind of lofty "high church" language. It wasn't. It was written in common language, the way people spoke at the time.
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