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Default The Testimony of Al Clark of Anaheim

"Perfect love casts out fear. Thank the Lord, I can stand before you tonight, and I am not afraid of you saints at all. I believe the Lord has done this. I certainly have not done it! I have been a brother among you for at least 24 years; and, I was an “elder” in a church before any of you brothers. We read Watchman Nee books in this little town (Quilcene, Wash.), and we said, “This is it”. So, of course, we tried to practice it; and we certainly made a lot of mistakes. (The first one was that a certain brother appointed me as an “elder”, and I appointed him!) So, I was an elder in the Church in Quilcene in late 1960, long before you.

Saints, I saw clearly through that experience what happens when a person gets this – I’m an elder now, and I have authority…” – We began to walk through the land, and zoom! We lord it over others. Oh, this is the enemy., the very expression of Satan! We all condemn this. Due to this experience, when I came to Elden, I did not want to be an elder. I rejected it. You know my testimony, and the Lord knows my heart; I believe the Lord stands with me that I am telling the truth. Even I wouldn’t sit in the front row because there seemed to be to me a “spirituality” attached to sitting there. (You were some kind of spiritual brother…) I rejected this because I realized that in my being there was this very satanic thing of wanting to be something. And, when we are put under the right conditions, this can be expressed in any of us.

To me, in the Recovery over the years, the greatest suffering and the greatest problems among us all has been this authority matter. I‘ve seen it happen right before my eyes. And, you know what I am talking about. According to what brother Nee has faithfully told us in “The Normal Christian Church Life”, the apostles went out preaching the gospel, and churches were raised up; then, the apostles went on their way, and on the return journey they would see what the Lord had done. Among the local saints, the Lord had already raised up elders. It was apparent who the elders were because it was the working of the Holy Spirit. The Lord did it. So, all the apostle did was recognize who these elders were, and everyone said “Amen”. Your spirit within would say, “Amen”. Your spirit within would say amen to it because something was witnessing in your spirit that this was right. This is the way it should be. So, you tell me then, Why has our practice for years been almost diametrically opposed to the Lord’s way?

Some years ago, my family moved to Boston, where we were under the “ministry” of a certain one who had been appointed by “the ministry” to be the (leading) elder in that place. Saints, I cannot tell you all the chaos and suffering which happened! Brothers and sisters are today scattered throughout the whole world due to that “elder”. Even yesterday I talked with a brother who has been traveling among so many churches. He is not an “official”, but just simply a brother. But, he told me: “Brother, everywhere it is a boneyard. Saints have been scattered everywhere…!”

I feel that in this matter of elders, the persons who have the function versus those who have a position has been a big, big problem among the churches. We are supposed to have the position and the function, but it is much better if we just have the function., and forget about the position! Forget about this thing of spiritual leadership and spiritual authority. I tell you, among us, this matter of spiritual authority is a big, big superstition! We actually now have so many superstitions among us. They make us pitiful and sectarian. We can’t possibly be open to other Christians if we are in such a mode.

Why have so many quit coming to the meetings? Because eventually you just can’t take it anymore. You can’t make it to be the “ideal brother”, you can’t make it to be like brother so and so. Yet, such burdens have been put on us all the time: We all have to do this…we have to do that. No saints! The only thing I have to do is take care of this One Who is in me, to just respond to this Anointing in me, and that is all. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. He is my Life and my living Lord. All I have to do is respond to Him. I must testify to my own shame, and even apologize to you, that many times I had the reaction in my being to things that were said and done, but I just sat here, because I didn’t want to be “divisive”; and I wanted to say the same things which the brothers were saying. But, there were many times when the Anointing just would not let me do it, so I would go home and fight with the Lord. Then, eventually, I came under condemnation because I was not faithful to the LORD inside me. Well, from now on, for me that time is over! I just have to be faithful to the Lord and let the chips fall where they may. I cannot say the same thing all of the time, if it is not of the Lord. Besides, nobody can change their opinion just like that will be as phony as a nine-dollar bill.

To me, we have become one of the most intolerable denominations in the world, due to the control by certain ones. Some meetings are just like the communist party.: you don’t dare say anything, or speak anything else. “Out with you. You are negative!” (If the umpire says you are out, you are out. But saints, the church meetings are not a baseball game. This is the church.) From now on, let us be faithful to the Lord. Recently, we have been hearing that we all have an Anointing.: Christ has been installed in all of us, and we all have this cycle of fellowship with the Father and with His Son. You young men are strong; you have the Word of God abiding in you, and have overcome the wicked one. All you need is What has been installed within you. We don’t need 15 points to tell us what to do. We just need to continually hear from this One Who is within us. The more you try to keep so many points, the more you will fail, and then you are under condemnation. Eventually what you have is not a ministry of Life, but one of condemnation. You have been switched from Christ to Moses. And the veils start stacking up over your head until you cannot see anything.

This is why so many, including me, dropped out of the meetings. Yet I feel it was sovereign that I dropped out, otherwise I would never have come into contact with some dear brothers I have not seen in years. When I saw them, I found out, Hey, they are not too bad after all! The Lord has not come down to destroy them. They are not consumed. Why, some of them are actually under the Lord’s blessing, and have seen something new from the Lord. So, I began to wonder: What is this? Some are doing better than me! They have some joy, and some enjoyment. Then I reasoned, But, it’s supposed to be all here in the local church. If you leave the Recovery…woe is you. You are condemned to the uttermost. Oh saints, let us be done with this! The Lord Jesus Christ is the most open and most wonderful Person in the universe! He says, Come unto Me ALL who are heavy ladened. Come to Me, and I will rest you. But, we come to the meetings, and burdens are thrown upon us which we are just not able to bear. Like the Pharisees, we say “Brother, what’s the matter with you? You’ve got the Life; you have a spirit. Exercise your spirit…Oh, Lord Jesus…” But, the brother is dying, and unable to bear such a load. Oh saints, this kind of thing just has to go! The church can never be built up with that.

Paul makes it very clear in 2 Cor. 3 that the ministry is simply all of us beholding and reflecting as a mirror the glory of the Lord and all of us being transformed from glory to glory, even as from the Lord Spirit. Then he said, Therefore, having THIS ministry we have great boldness; we faint not…. Saints, I can testify that this kind of ministry is genuine. It brings Life, perfects the saints, and builds up the church. All of us are after this real fellowship, to be one wit the Lord , and with one another. But, if I had not dropped out of these legal meetings, I would never have found this out. So, I would not have been able to speak this to you. Oh these binding things have to go.

There is one other thing: The church is a golden lampstand. Is this just a doctrine, or a reality? And, what does this lampstand hold? Just CHRIST as the Lamp, with GOD shining out as the Light. This is the reality. I tell you, when this reality is in a community of people, you have everything; the One New Man, and the Bride; you have everything! Furthermore, this Light is continually reproving all the filthy works of darkness. When you come to the meetings, you are exposed as to what you are as a human being, and God is manifested for what He is, the marvelous Light Who lightens every thing and everyone. So, the church has to reprove all the unclean works of darkness. If we are not doing it, we are not the church. I have been in too much darkness! Now that I am under God’s shining, and standing with Him, I just cannot tolerate all the works of unrighteousness. How can you do this saints? The One inside us surely rejects these things. I appreciate what you (leading) brothers have confessed: we all have been subjected to unrighteous practices, to unclean things. I Amen you, and forgive you. But saints, all of us—the whole church in Anaheim—have to reprove the filthy works of darkness. You know what I am talking about, that which the brothers here have confessed: one thing is the past unrighteous conduct of the manager of Living Stream Office, with his control through that office. As a member of the Body of Christ, I reject that thing completely. I condemn and judge it, because the Lord has judged the Nicolaitan system! We don’t need to be subjected to this one more second; away with it; absolutely no more…

Saints, there is the darkness and there is the light; the Lord has made it this way; and the Lord has commanded the Light to shine OUT of the darkness, INTO hearts. So, we as the church have to do what the Lord does; rather reprove the hidden things of darkness and expose the unrighteousness. Because the Lord is manifesting Himself in the Body, in a group of people, these things cannot even be named one time among us! If we tolerate sinful things, we become a shame, and the world points the finger at us. Oh, the world has already got too much to point to because of the shameful conduct of certain ones in Christendom. And, if such things are happening to us, what has the Lord got as His Testimony? “This is the Lord’s move today; we are the ones”, at least, that is what we say. We say that this is what the Lord is after, yet we tolerate the sinful things in our midst! We have been told that the Christian religion is drugged. But what about us? WE are drugged! What do we say? “Oh well, I have to be one with the brother, I have to keep the oneness, to just say what the brothers are saying. (If the leaders are not condemning these actions, who am I…?) If I don’t say what they say, surely the Lord will get me..” So, with them, we have tolerated and even exalted the sinning ones! Oh Lord Jesus! Such “oneness” is NOT the genuine oneness of the Spirit. It is a devilish, fleshly togetherness. But we actually heard such “testimonies” about keeping such oneness; and I have to repent of being under such darkness that my own lips have even repeated something like this. Oh, forgive me!

One day, I stood nose to nose with my father, dissenting against him; “…Don’t talk in such a way because the Authority is here. Don’t touch the Authority!” But my dad stood his ground: “You brothers in Anaheim are Laodicea. That’s what you are, and don’t say you are anything else.” I said, “Oh, You had better not touch the Authority.” But, eventually I had to repent: I should have taken the fellowship of my dear brother. He knew what he was talking about, and was using his spirit. Saints, most of us are not using our spirit. What do we do? Just read a footnote, or part of a message. Do not use your spirit, because if you do, you are liable to upset the apple cart, because you can’t go along with the program! Well saints, tonight I must just Amen my mingled spirit. And I believe this is what the Lord is longer for. We have to be open, honest and frank, calling things for what they are. Let us not skirt around things anymore, but be straight, and true to the LORD.

You say that you just love the Lord. But, I want to take you back to your relationship with your wife. I do not mean to exalt my wife, but I must say that my dear wife is my worst and strongest critic. When she criticizes me I don’t like it, but I tell you I love her because she speaks the truth. And, because of this our relationship is alright. She does not candy-coat it or put honey all over it; she just calls it what it is; I appreciate that. I tell you, if our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is any less than that, then it is not real. The Lord clearly reproves me when I sin; and, He is reproving me so much of the time. He has strongly reproved me for not standing up to speak in the meetings, to go along with the Anointing within me. So, now I take His mercy and grace to just go along with Him. I don’t know about you, but I am going to go along with Him."

Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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