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Default What Deputy Authority is Not

The purpose of this writing is to show what authentic spiritual authority is not, rather than to talk much about what it is. For, once we see what it is not; we are in a much better position to clearly understand, and appreciate, what genuine spiritual authority is.

Nearing the end of the late eighties turmoil in the local churches, Andrew Yu wrote a book to explain what deputy authority is. In its most basic definition, a deputy authority of God is one who represents God; and he exercises God’s authority among men, according to God’s own thought and by His own action. In the first two chapters of Yu’s book, he points to the Scriptures that reveal examples of deputy authority and teachings on the subject. Then in the third and final chapter, he ascribes blame in the most severe fashion imaginable on former leaders for their alleged rebellion against Witness Lee, long-recognized in the local churches as a deputy authority of God, and God’s oracle on the earth.

In an atmosphere of clouds and chaos in the mid to late eighties, Yu formed his opinions...
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