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John Ingalls

Dick Taylor, an elder in Long Beach, started with a lively, full-of enjoyment kind of testimony, such as Dick is well-known for, thanking the Lord for the door-knocking and the Gospel preaching in Long Beach, but ending with an honest word about the depression and the discouragement among some of the saints. This was unusual for Dick but he was telling it like it was. Other brothers followed who also spoke very honestly about dissensions concerning the new way and discouragement among the saints in their localities, for which they were very concerned. In some places divisions had arisen over the new way. John Smith, an elder in San Diego, ended the time of sharing with an honest account of his concerns for the saints in his church, mentioning how he feared that with the overemphasis on methods, numbers, and increase the saints would become activity-centered instead of Christ-centered.
These brothers weren't ones quick to react. Most of them if I recall were brothers in their fifties at that time. Their speaking had a measure of spiritual discernment. To speak as they did was only echoing what the experience was not only their localities, but in localities across the country in which these brothers visited.
About four years ago I read an article of John So's speaking in Manila. One aspect that troubled John So during late eighties, was not only the emphasis on numbers, but the manipulation of numbers to make it appear as if the New Way was a success.
What was really important about the New Way? Was it bringing people to receive Jesus Christ as their savior, or was it to bring people to salvation and remain meeting in the local churches?
If the purpose was to bring people to receive the Lord, the New Way served its need.

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