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Default Re: What Deputy Authority is Not

Statistics Manipulated

from John So in Manila, 1990, following his quarantine

I wasn’t opposing and I didn’t have anything fermenting within me. I’m sorry to say, dear saints, I think there was a plot, a conspiracy, there in Taipei, not on our part, but on somebody else’s part, to bring the churches in Europe and myself under a certain leading - under the hidden function of the office. That, I must confess, I cannot fully agree with. But that doesn’t mean that if I don’t agree, I oppose. I went to Taipei. I joined the door knocking. Okay, I enjoyed it. You might not believe me, but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I fully submitted to the group. You can ask my group leaders. And, I baptized a few people, really. And I was quite fond of that whole group. But when I was there, listen, one major leading brother in Taipei every time he saw me, he told me that the statistics were manipulated. That’s the word I think he used. I said, “Are you sure brother?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Why then don’t you go and see Witness Lee? If it’s manipulated, you have to tell Witness Lee.” He told me, “It’s very hard to see him. I tried several times, but I can’t get through.” So, that made me a little concerned.

Of course, I’m not a piece of wood, brothers; I’m a brother, right? I’m not only a person, I’m serving the Lord. If it was really so that the statistics were being manipulated, I’m concerned. Don’t say I’m criticizing—I’m concerned.

Well, I went one time to see brother Jim Batten. I love him. He is a very fine young man; I’m really very fond of this brother. I went to him. Of course, I shared with him a little bit of my concern. Brother, wouldn’t you share your concern to hear such a thing from a major leading brother in Taipei here? My goodness, and if we are manipulating the numbers of those who are saved and baptized, and nobody dares to say anything, my, your work must be a super, super, super, super work. Let me turn to page 40 and also page 139 in the book, [The Fermentation], brother Jim Batten’s testimony is here. I just want to show you what was said.
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