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Default Church In Hong Kong


I was looking around on the internet and found what appears to be a letter from the (presbyterian) church in Hong Kong on a chinese message board. (This was from google translate so I'm assuming presbyterian here means the elders in the church in Hong Kong) which states this.

At a rally, the speakers Howard Higashi (Translation by-lin) said: "Brother Lee (always) fully filled with the Holy Spirit, to invoke the name of Lee, we can also get life from him." This part appears to have been in English. Another reference to this letter seems to be made in another post about a cult called "?" (regular acceptor) according to google translate. I remember hearing once before on this forum something to the effect that Howard Higashi said something like this but previously had no context. Anyway I was hoping that somebody who know's more about the situation (who the people who sent this letter were, did the church in Hong Kong slit during this period and is this their letter) and who the "?" are. Somebody who actually knows Chinese would be a great help.

here is a link to the letter " 5&prev=hp&usg=ALkJrhhw-kkmoyRJEBzgWH0yXIvIRH6cAA" (I had to press control-A to select all text so that the text would appear on screen)

And here is the link talking about the ""
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