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There is what I think we can call some of this cancel culture in some of the Q&A videos (called Q&R by the LC) posted to youtube of co-workers answering.....sorry....."responding" questions submitted by saints/young people.

One question was about how marriage is portrayed as a prison in the LC, and one co-worker's response was "this just shows how delusional some young brothers can be". Yes, it certainly is delusional to read and comprehend the plain printed words of Nee and Lee who call marriage a prison to break you. But the co-workers act like it isn't written and spoken in just that way.

Slightly different "cancel culture" than you initially posited, but I think it falls under the umbrella. What is spoken attempts to cancel what is written. And with DCP, the most recent written output attempts to cancel the previous written, but yet curiously not unretracted, output.
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