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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
So then, Jesus answer to her did not address her question?

The believers met in the upper room, they met in the wilderness, they met on a boat, they met in the home of a ruler, they met in a field of wheat, they met in the streets of the city, they met on the outskirts of the city, they met in a prison, they met in a courtroom, they met on an island they had been banished to, they met on the beach, they met on the mountain top, a park bench, and yes, the Lord also met with a man who was up a tree. Have you even read the NT?

Common sense tells us that not every meeting is a wedding or a funeral. Where you meet will be dictated by how many people and what you plan to do. Two hundred people at a wedding or a funeral will need a different place to meet than three college students, or evangelists, or prisoners.
We can meet anywhere, in the Recovery we have met in many different places, in a shopping mall, in homes, in a park, but we cannot hold the Lord's table just anywhere. Jesus and the disciples prepared a specific place for that.
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