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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Igzy) "But clearly the temple was not the only place of worship. The Jews established synagogues, which Jesus attended reverently. Thus the strict idea that the temple was the only proper place of worship is an error."

Synagogues were not considered places of worship as in the worship in the temple. They were places of study, prayer, teaching, and community service but never alternatives to the worship associated with the temple. Equating the synagogues with the temple in terms of worship to God is a serious error. Not even the Jews did that and they would know the difference.

Jeroboam established a place of worship in Dan as a replacement for the place of worship ordained by God in Jerusalem. I don't disagree that we worship God in spirit and truth in every moment wherever we are for our bodies are the temple of the Lord and we have the Lords presence continually. Yet both the Lord and the apostle Paul revealed that we are to assemble corporately and in so doing there is prescription, not a free for all, and not an option whether to assemble or not, and not to assemble according to our own design or preferences.

Therefore, if we care about the Lords interest we will understand all the details He has ordained concerning corporate worship as did the Israelites who also followed the details of the worship related to the temple in Jerusalem. Some who did not follow the exact prescription for worship in the temple died.

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