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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Certain things we are told matter of factly, other things we are not.

There are things in the Bible which are stated matter of factly - head coverings for example, yet no one insists on those.

There are other matters which are not stated matter of factly - baptism by immersion, for example, and yet a number of denominations will insist on baptism by full immersion. We can know that full immersion is the proper way because we can infer this from how people were baptized in the New Testament. Yet there is no instruction saying full immersion is the right way. This is all inferred from how it was done.

Similarly, how we meet for worship can be inferred from how it was done. Is it not hypocritical to infer certain things from the Bible such as baptism by immersion, yet not infer the matter of where the church should congregate?
No, I agree with you. However, if the teaching is an inferred teaching it is wrong to insist on it as an item of the faith. Your claim (Witness Lee and his followers) that Christianity is degraded, adulterous, etc. is based in part on the claim that they are not meeting on the proper ground. They go so far as to state that taking a Lord's table meeting with other Christians could result in you getting sick and dying.

By doing this you make this doctrine the cornerstone of your sect, hence a damnable heresy.
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