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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post

I just wonder if you have thought through the practical implications of your "worship anywhere" doctrine and seen that Scripture does not show the disciples acting willy-nilly. I agree with you that in principle worship can be done anywhere, as it is a spiritual thing after all. But church is not just a matter of exercising one's spirit (which may be done anywhere), but of congregation in a physical location for a particular purpose. I would probably separate worship into two aspects - private worship which can be done anywhere, and corporate worship which cannot be done just anywhere.
The "doctrine" is not mine. Have you not read John 4?

Willy-nilly? So how do you define your doctrine? You tell me in detail what makes an officially-samctioned LSM-approved Table meeting.

What about damp coal mines and cemeteries? Does that qualify? What about Roman catacombs? Were they legit? What about Cappadocian caves?

I need some serious detail bro. Please provide several pages of specs for me to check off. Can't leave anything to chance. Need to know specifics, such as whether whole wheat flour is acceptable or not, cause we had one elder sister tear up the bread for not being bleached flour. Got to dot all the "I's" eh? Don't want no willy-nilly to get us.
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