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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post

Does the mention of Jezebel in the Old and New Testament have any greater significance to you than a lawsuit?

If so, what?

I think the 850 prophets that ate at her table signifies the way we govern now. We have two kinds of "prophets", scientists and pollsters.

We bring in all kinds of experts with their charts, and tables, and predictions and prognostications, etc. We also have the political strategists, pollsters, and spin meisters.

What we don't have is a government according to our conscience. This kind of administration has been very convincingly compared to a psychopath.

Ultimately her destination is Jezreel, the same destination that Jeroboam had. Jezebel is the fertilizer for this bloody day of judgement.

How do these ones operate when confronted with the truth? They stone you for blasphemy and then steal your vineyard. This is the story of climate change.

To me, Jezebel is the spirit and nature of the current worldly system. We have been called out this dark age. We should be a peculiar people, and yet what a shame that we would choose these unjust, deceitful people fully lacking in any kind of moral compass to come in and judge the things of God. Why? Because WL was "appealing to Caesar"? Why? Because someone said that his teachings were not fundamental. "Caesar, Caesar, this brother said I wasn't teaching the Bible correctly!"

Yes, it is totally shameful. But more than that, our goal is to inherit the kingdom of God, how could anyone with that as a goal make such a horrid detour? Why are you appealing to Caesar when your goal is to inherit the kingdom of the heavens?

As Paul said it is "utterly a fault among you". In this situation there is only one option, full and complete repentance. Confess your sins and repent.
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