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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Jezebel was the daughter of a pagan just as Christian Rome was the daughter of pagan Rome.

Jezebel called herself a queen. Queen of Heaven and Queen of apostles is a title given to the Virgin Mary by Roman Catholics.

Jezebel was engaged in witchcraft, idolatry and various other things, which a number of Popes and others had also engaged in. The Roman Catholic cathedrals of Europe are filled with superstitions, idols, and magical symbols.

Roman Catholicism worships various images and idols just like Jezebel did.

Roman Catholicism has utilized secular powers against the true Christians:

"as Jezebel stirred up Ahab against good and faithful men, is has this church stirred up the secular powers, emperors, kings, and princes, against the true followers of Christ:" (Gill bible commentary).

Just like Jezebel killed the genuine people of God, Roman Catholicism has killed true and genuine Christians throughout the past centuries.

None of these things seem to fit the USA - the USA has never killed true and genuine Christians in the name of God, and neither is the USA a religious entity.

However, that is not to say that the USA is not influenced by the Roman Catholic church, the USA could be seen as a country that tolerates Jezebel. The US may be in league with Jezebel, but Jezebel is a distinct entity.

The goal of the Catholic church has never been to build the body of Christ - only its own empire. It is one of the false religions of the world along with Buddhist, Hindu etc. If one travels to a buddhist ,hindu or moslem country there is often a Catholic church , even in countries where genuine Christians are persecuted or shunned, Catholicism is readily accepted.
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