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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
There are other examples in the Bible. What about Balaam in Revelation 2:14, or the Pharisees? They were all involved in idols.
I believe Jezebel is a specific thing, and doesn't cover all situations. I would not say that Lutheranism for example is affected by Jezebel, because they got rid of the evil things in Catholicism. But I would say they are the daughter of the prostitute.
Yes, Balaam is also a definite thing and doesn't cover all situations as are the Pharisees.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
You really should try to stop pinning every false thing in the Bible on Witness Lee.
I have not tried to pin every false thing on Witness Lee.

Rather I have looked at the items we know he was responsible for

1. Fabricated a story about Watchman Nee. Without that lie you could never sell the story about WN being the MOTA, and without that what use would "being his closest coworker" be?

Maybe you should stop ignoring it.

2. Numerous examples of him accusing others of blasphemy, stoning them to death, and then seizing their vineyards. Max R and his wife because they knew and objected to the sins of his sons. JI, AK, and the Anaheim elders because they knew about the sins of his sons. The sister's rebellion because who knows, they might know about the sins of his sons.

Maybe you should stop ignoring this blatantly evil and unrighteous behavior.

3. Damnable heresies taught by Witness Lee -- Ground of the Church, and MOTA

You really should stop being an apologist for these heresies.

4. Making merchandise of the saints -- Standing orders for books they don't want, signing a loyalty pledge to WL, ignoring the separation of church and ministry, etc.

5. Lawsuits that are in direct rebellion to the apostle Paul's fellowship.

You really should stop trying to defend this behavior lest you share in his judgement.
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