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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Drake is right you have a tendency to revert to flawed arguments, misapplying Jezebel to the US government and then to Witness Lee.
If it is a flawed argument then it should be simple to destroy. (My references to the US Govt were moved to the Alt discussion, since I don't want to carry on there I do not want to respond to that, if you wish, bring those comments to the alt discussion). One has to wonder why it is so difficult for you or Drake to destroy these "flawed" arguments. You are the ones who revert to WL's old and tired interpretation of Rev 2&3. It is as though neither of you can read the Bible for yourself.

To me the key question for this website and for all of us who were in the Local church or who are still active participants with that sect is what think ye of Witness Lee? Is he a man of God who taught God's word faithfully, or is he a false teacher?

I do not think it is reasonable to have a third option. You can claim that he was a man of god, taught God's word faithfully, but like all men was a sinner.

Now I have considered these two options: imperfect man of God, or false teacher.

I cannot reconcile his pattern of abusive behavior for 40 years without repentance, without confession. Think of how abusive it was, he protected adulterers and philanderers who were abusing the children of God to the extent that he would destroy innocent people, slander them, libel them, ignoring crystal clear warnings in the Bible concerning his behavior, and disregarding the damage done to the Body of Christ. Max leaves, so what, JI leaves so what, John So leaves, so what. He is the one who did not discern the Body of Christ. He is the one who stumbled the little believers. I am unable to defend his actions and am forced to conclude he is a false prophet.

But, if you disagree, go ahead, I will listen to you explain in clear language, why my reasoning is flawed. I discuss these things on the website for a reason, to see if I have made a mistake or have missed something. The only ones to suggest that I have are you and Drake and yet you provide absolutely nothing persuasive. If anything you convince me not so much that I am right, but that others who I consider to have a more extreme view are right. I would like to think that the issue was primarily with Witness Lee, others feel that the entire LC is a cult. That was not my experience, but you are doing a good job of persuading me that it is more true than I would like to believe.
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