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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
You know how you want the story to end so you create a narrative using the Bible to justify your ending.

You did this twice with Jezebel in this thread. Once with equating the US governnent to Jezebel and her 850 prophets to scientists and pollsters. Then again below to Brother Lee using the same flawed argumentation.

I never equated the US government to Jezebel, what I said was that Jezebel employing 850 prophets to run the country of Israel is what the US government does. The point was not that the US government is Jezebel, the point is that Jezebel brings in worldly methods to run the church.

You think you know how the story ends so you just fill in the ending you assumed I was going to say.

I did equate Witness Lee to Jezebel but I did not use the reference to the 850 prophets, though I could have by referencing the FTTT and the use of accounting methods, etc.

No, I used the following points to equate Witness Lee to Jezebel

1. He refers to himself as a prophet of God, even the apostle who alone has the authority to appoint and fire elders. This is based on the lie he perpetrated about Watchman Nee's excommunication. His mass firing of the elders in Taipei is reminiscent of Jezebel cutting off the prophets of God. His use of PL to be the president of LSM is similar to Jezebel hiring prophets of Baal.
2. He had 450 elders sign a loyalty pledge to him, in direct opposition to the epistle of James in which he said above all not to make an oath. I consider this idolatry. Very reminiscent of the Lord's word to Elijah about those He had that "had not bowed the knee". Signing a loyalty pledge to Witness Lee means they bowed the knee to Witness Lee.
3. I also consider the standing orders, Daystar, and other business schemes to be teaching the servants of Jesus to eat things sacrificed to idols.

I appreciate that you and others might disagree. However, I consider his support of PL even at the cost of ripping the church in half, with the "Max Rebellion", "Sister's rebellion" and John Ingals fiasco to be the rotten smell that proves this is one ugly mess.

4. I also base it on the "leaven" he hid in the pure word of God -- MOTA and Ground of the church.

5. And I base it on the similarity between Jezebel getting some elders to accuse Nahor of blasphemy and then stone him to death in order to steal his vineyard to Witness Lee establishing a legal defense fund so that he could sue Christian ministries who could not afford lawsuits, drive them into bankruptcy and then bash their brains in.

Who has seduced you that you do not obey the truth? Don't you think it is important that we know who it is that did this?

I view Jezebel as the woman who hides leaven in the meal. That would cause it to ferment. You can say that the Roman Catholic Church is a big hunk of fermented or moldy cheese. That is fine. But why is the leaven that Witness Lee introduced not viewed with the same concern as the Catholic church which has little or nothing to do with you personally?

The fact that the woman "hides" the leaven indicates it is a deceitful work, difficult to discern. It is not easy to "see" leaven, but it is easy to see the effect -- the bread is puffed up, the cheese smells, etc. Surely you can see that doctrines like MOTA and Ground of the church have the effect of "puffing up" and the lawsuits give the Witness Lee sect a "stinky smell".
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