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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
There is no "misinterpretation" with what I wrote concerning Sodom and the US. You disagree. That is not a misinterpretation.

You and Drake both have openly agreed with the interpretation that Jezebel includes the woman in Matt 13 who hid the leaven in the fine meal, and with the Great Prostitute, the Great Babylon in Rev 17. This is also what WL taught.

According to our point of view, there are many different countries, nations, and empires. But in the eyes of God, the entire human government from Nimrod to Antichrist is Babylon. This human government—Babylon—has always done three things: rebel against God, exalt man, and worship idols (Gen. 11:4, 9). To worship idols is actually to worship the devil who is behind the idols. Wherever we may go, we will see that human government rebels against God, exalts man, and worships idols. (Life-Study of Daniel, Chapter 4, Section 1)

How is this any different from what I said?

The more you speak the less I think you actually know Witness Lee's ministry.
The misinterpretation is about what we believe you said which you deny.

You said US was not Sodom in our previous discussions. You have denied this (or forgotten you said this) in this thread when you said

"When did I say it was not OK to equate the US with Sodom? I don't think anyone on this forum has denied this connection."

In this thread you have also drawn a connection between worldly systems of government and Jezebel. This you seem to have also denied in recent posts.

As Drake said, you have confused Mystery Babylon with material Babylon.

There is a relationship between the two - the Roman Catholic church is the religious arm of the Roman Empire. But we should draw the distinction between the forces of evil at work in the church such as Jezebel, and the forces of evil in the worldly governments.

The distinction should be drawn because in Revelation, Jesus was concerned about Jezebel in the church in Thyatira. He was not concerned about the Roman Empire. It does not say "you have tolerated the Roman Empire and the worldly governments". It is not about material Babylon but Mystery Babylon. There is a relationship between the two but the distinction should be made.
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