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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

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Suggest reading the footnotes in the Recovery Version on Revelation 17 & 18 for additional clarity on what Brother Lee taught about the two aspects of Babylon.

In short Jezebel refers to the religious aspect in chapter 17 that is Mystery Babylon. . The LS Daniel excerpt you quoted refers to the material Babylon, the Great Babylon in Chapter 18.

Both have their own place and significance but are not interchangeable.

I am familiar with that and have read it.

My point is that "rebelling against God, worshipping idols, and exalting man" is the spirit of Jezebel and is the spirit of the world.

1. Cutting off the prophets of God = rebelling against God.

2. Telling Ahab that she will give him the vineyard of Naboth = exalting man.

3. The elders and nobles of the city did as Jezebel said = exalting man over God.

4. Teaching my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed to idols is to worship idols.

The basic theme is the worldly system, she might be a variation on the theme, calling herself a prophetess, while others claim to be atheists. But it is still the basic spirit of the world that has operated since Babel.

They "both have their significance and place but are not interchangeable". What does this have to do with anything I have written or quoted? I made my connection to Babel. My quote from Witness Lee was from the Life Study of Daniel on Babel. Do you guys read what I have written?
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