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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Fair enough. There is a spirit of Sodom, you can surely see this operating in the US, no doubt. There is also the city of Sodom which God judged. You cannot equate any city in the US to Sodom in the sense of asking for God to judge the city unless there is an overwhelming number of unrighteous people, as described in Genesis. This is why I asked for you to provide the quote that I could look at. The context of my comment was a reference to you calling on God's judgement of the US. You take my comments out of context, then accuse me of saying something I didn't say. I never said that the spirit of Sodom is not operating in the US, instead I said that this is what you should expect in the world. I said that we made this statement when we were baptized that the world is condemned.

Yes you "quoted" me but made it impossible for me to find the quote or deal with it in a clear way looking at the context. How is it that only you are unable to give a clear reference, everyone else is able to give the thread and post so that it is easy to find. You provided a link which did not work.

Does this clear up your misunderstanding? There is a spirit of Sodom and there is a city of Sodom. There is a judgement of God on Sodom. The context of my quote saying "you can only equate the US with Sodom if you can find a city without ten righteous people in it" was a response to your call on God to judge the US as he judged Sodom.

You accused me of intentionally being misleading, now I am accusing you. Go back to your quote, look at the context and admit that this quote was in fact a response to your call on God to judge the US. If you don't do this it proves you are intentionally trying to cause misunderstandings.

Yes, I was referring to human government, it could have been Russia, it could have been China, it could have been the US. I never "equated the US with Jezebel" which is what you accused me of doing.

This is now the second time I am saying this, Jezebel introduces the worldly system into the church. How are you still confused? Is it intentional?
I never accused you of being intentionally misleading at all.

So the thread in question is: Local Church Discussions > Oh Lord, Where Do We Go From Here?>Merged Thread: Various Themes by Evangelical

This seems to hinge on the interpretation of the word "equate" .

You used the word equate in both threads, there and here.

In one you said we cannot equate the US with Sodom because of the 10 righteous people thing.

Here you said we can equate the US with Sodom because of the spirit of Sodom.

So it is like this:

US equates to Sodom because of the spirit of Sodom.
US does not equate to Sodom because there are more than 10 righteous people in it.

To me this is saying that the US is like Sodom before God's judgement came. That is, there was a period in which God allowed Sodom to exist and do what it wanted until the threshold of 10 righteous men was reached, then judgement came. This is the situation with the US today.
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