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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

ZNP) "They "both have their significance and place but are not interchangeable". What does this have to do with anything I have written or quoted? I made my connection to Babel. My quote from Witness Lee was from the Life Study of Daniel on Babel. Do you guys read what I have written?"



You applied Brother Lee''s quote about the material Babylon in the LS Daniel to the religious Babylon signified by Jezebel in our conversation. You saw the word "Babylon" and it was interchangeable in your argument. By conflating the two you misapply what Brother Lee meant.

Then you accuse Evangelical and yours truly that it is we who do not understand what Brother Lee taught. So I respectfully suggested that you read the footnotes for Revelation 17 & 18. You said you did. Okay, you did but you missed the meaning of the footnote in Revelation 17:5 which states clearly:

51 Mystery here indicates that Babylon the Great in this chapter is not the material Babylon in ch. 18 but the religious one. The religious Babylon, the apostate church, is truly mysterious in what she is, in what she practices, and in what she teaches.

If you want to make a complaint about PL, a lawsuit, MOTA, meany buns Blendeds, etc. you can do that without cutting up the Scriptures like so many puzzle pieces. Sorry ZNP, but the picture puzzle you present does not look right. There are pieces that have been snipped, others pounded into place that clearly belong somewhere else, and for some the colors don't align. I assure you that up to this point I read your notes carefully but i do not see the scriptural support for them. Sometimes I think we might have an understanding but then you repeat the same error.

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