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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
I never accused you of being intentionally misleading at all.

So the thread in question is: Local Church Discussions > Oh Lord, Where Do We Go From Here?>Merged Thread: Various Themes by Evangelical

This seems to hinge on the interpretation of the word "equate" .

You used the word equate in both threads, there and here.

In one you said we cannot equate the US with Sodom because of the 10 righteous people thing.

Here you said we can equate the US with Sodom because of the spirit of Sodom.

So it is like this:

US equates to Sodom because of the spirit of Sodom.
US does not equate to Sodom because there are more than 10 righteous people in it.
Can you understand that the spirit of Sodom can be likened to the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme court. The Supreme Court represents the entire US, so by legalizing gay marriage they have legitimized the comparison of the US with the Spirit (the law) of Sodom.

But that the city of Sodom refers to a city of people.

When God rained fire down on Sodom he rained it down on a city with people who were killed, not on a fleshly spirit that permeates the world.

The United States is "the world", not a "Christian country". There may be quite a few Christians in this country, maybe even a majority, the Lord knows, but it is not a Christian country in the sense that Israel was the nation of God.

Because it is the world we should expect that all of the sins of the world are here, and that spirit of disobedience operates in them. But God chooses not to exercise His judgement at this time because his people, like grains of wheat, are growing and are not ready to reaped. If he roots up the tares He might kill some of the wheat as well.

So, yes, He judged Sodom in the OT, but only after determining there weren't 10 righteous people. In the end he only pulled out 3.

Read the quote that you claim is giving you so much confusion, it is talking about the city of Sodom, not the spirit of Sodom.
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