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Default Re: Jezebel -- conclusion

We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices

None of us should be ignorant of Jezebel’s devices, and all of us should overcome her.

I think when we consider Jezebel we must remember Jezreel. The Lord prophesied that her body would be used as fertilizer in Jezreel. This is where Nahor’s vineyard was that she stole.

When you approach them concerning this sin they will despise you and make a mock of sin, like Witness Lee’s mockery that Daystar was when the saints lost their virginity. But Jezebel’s death, being torn apart by dogs and strewn around Jezreel shows that God was not laughing.

Jezreel is also associated with Jeroboam. When you rebel against God’s word and are disobedient you open the door for such evil and ugly rulers in the church. Jeroboams sins were similar in rebellion to Witness Lee's lawsuit and loyalty pledge. The loyalty pledge is clearly forbidden by James who says above all do not make an oath. It is similar to setting up an idol. The lawsuit was not merely rebellion but they seduced saints to pay for the legal defense fund and then went so far as to have churches support this fund out of their tithes so that those giving to the church were not even aware that they were giving for this. In this way WL seduced the Lord's servants to eat things sacrificed to idols.

Why, what did she offer? 850 prophets with heathen business practices. Think about Christmas — Christmas songs, Christmas TV shows, Christmas movies, Christmas decorations, etc. All of this helps make merchandise of the saints, eating things sacrificed to idols. Or think about the "ministry" which provides each church with a ready made "message". Video tapes, written word, trainings, conferences, and fellowship with other churches. Speakers at conferences, etc.

Jesus likened this kind of deceit to a woman hiding leaven in meal. It may appear to be hidden, but the result is that they are “puffed up” like leavened bread, and you will often have the stinky smell of moldy cheese. Doctrines like MOTA and Ground of the church act to puff people up. Lawsuits and Fraudulent schemes and lascivious men give you the stinky smell that should be a dead give away that you have Jezebel in your midst.
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