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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
Wow, if I read this post I would think that you support this interpretation.

yet when I read this post of yours (107):

It is not WL's interpretation alone, the connection between Catholicism and Baal/Sun worship has long been recognized in Protestantism.

Why is it OK for you to equate the US government with Jezebel but it is not OK if I say the US is Sodom? Don't you know that homosexuality was part of Baal worship? So when you say the US government is Jezebel you are really saying it is Sodom plus other things. Yet you tried your best to argue that US was not Sodom when we had that discussion. I now realize it was because you thought it was Jezebel and not Sodom ,and not because you are ignorant of what is going on in the world.

you can only conclude that you feel the US government is Sodom (which you have stated) and therefore Jezebel.

So let's address what you have said.

1. Jezebel is definitely a manifestation of the spirit of lawlessness, not "possibly".

2. Your quote from Ellicot does not support your assertion that Jezebel does not mention the worldly system at all.

It seems best to view the name as symbolical, always remembering that the Jezebel spirit of proud, self-constituted authority, vaunting claims of superior holiness, or higher knowledge, linked with a disregard of—and perhaps a proud contempt for—“legalism,” and followed by open immorality, has again and again run riot in the churches of God.

Is not the authority which legalized gay marriage in the US despite this being contrary to majority opinion, using the Supreme court to override a democratically elected congress, isn't that a "proud, self-constituted authority, vaunting claims of superior holiness, or higher knowledge, linked with a disregard of -- and perhaps a proud contempt for -- legalism and followed by open immorality."?

3. Regarding your question "why is it ok for you to equate the US government with Jezebel" has been answered twice before. I never equated the US government with Jezebel, what I said was that Jezebel uses worldly methods to rule the church. Now a spirit of disobedience does pervade the US as it is the world, and this spirit does manifest itself very often as a spirit of Jezebel.

For example, during WWII 1% of California farmland was owned by Japanese farmers, but these farms produced 40% of California crops. One of the motivations behind the internment camps in California was that people coveted those farms.

We’re charged with wanting to get rid of the Japs for selfish reasons. We might as well be honest. We do. It’s a question of whether the white man lives on the Pacific Coast or the brown men. They came to this valley to work, and they stayed to take over. They offer higher land prices and higher rents than the white man can pay for land. They undersell the white man in the markets. They can do this because they raise their own labor. They work their women and children while the white farmer has to pay wages for his help. If all the Japs were removed tomorrow, we’d never miss them in two weeks, because the white farmers can take over and produce everything the Jap grows. And we don’t want them back when the war ends, either. (Morton Grodzins, Americans Betrayed Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1949)
Drake and I have been making the distinction that the Bible (and WL) use the term Jezebel in a specific way. That being, the term Jezebel is used in reference to that which affects the people of God from within, not from without. The church is mainly concerned with religious Jezebel as opposed to "worldly Jezebel". Actually the term "worldly Jezebel" does not make sense, because the story of Jezebel only applies to God's people, not the surrounding nations.

Just so we are clear - I believe there is no such thing as an actual spirit of Jezebel going around doing all these things. It is just a manifestation of Satan. Jezebel is a metaphor for a particular set of vices or manifestations of Satan. Just as Sodom is. We all believe Satan is behind it and that is the important thing.
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