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Default Re: Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Drake and I have been making the distinction that the Bible (and WL) use the term Jezebel in a specific way. That being, the term Jezebel is used in reference to that which affects the people of God from within, not from without. The church is mainly concerned with religious Jezebel as opposed to "worldly Jezebel". Actually the term "worldly Jezebel" does not make sense, because the story of Jezebel only applies to God's people, not the surrounding nations.
Evangelical and Drake,

So Jezebel feeding 850 pagan prophets at her table "affected God's people from within" hence it is different from the worldly Babylon depicted in Rev 18.

Typical gobbledygook from you.

How about Christmas, does this affect God's people from within? How about a heathen song writer who writes a Christmas song, or a fleshly rock and roll group that performs the Christmas song, or the hollywood studio that makes a Christmas movie, or the actors and actresses, sacred prostitutes, who perform the movie? Do they affect the church from within? Do they seduce God's servants to eat things sacrificed to idols?

If they do affect the church from within are they somehow distinct from the Hollywood industry and Music industry that are part of the worldly Babylon?

How about tele-evangelists. How are they not part of and affected by the television industry?

There is an Episcopal church in NYC that runs a billion dollar fund. How is the running of that fund, which invests in the stocks and bonds that trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, Chicago mercantile, etc. not affected by the world?

Please answer. Thanks.
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