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Originally Posted by manna-man View Post

What happened to getting back to the joys of eternal torment?

Here's the truth in Love.

You tried to destroy that group. You were rude to my cousin. You entered that group with guns blazing and no consideration for anyones situation and total disregard for what I was attempting to do.

It was nothing but a joke to you. In that one morning you generated at least 30 notifications to everyone in the group. These people didn't even have time to understand that they have been placed into that group just like yourself.

If anything they were getting a crash coarse in critical thinking like you say! But when my cousin stood up and declared o you..."if you don't like the know the way out" Obviously defending the group I just started.

You unleashed on her. This all happened before 9:30 a.m. of the first day of the group.

You said to me..essentially....the group needed you with your vast knowledge and books you had accumulated.

You even dared me to remove you from the group!

And yes.... There wer over 230 witnesses!

Am I afraid of you?


But I am wise to what you are doing.

You are sowing doubt to all who would believe you and passing it off as responsible reasoning.
And you didn't call me back. Hey, this is a good post. I'm glad you are letting me have it. But this is not the place for it. Start another thread. Call it : How Harold was Such An ASS, or some such. Yes, I came in like a bull in a china cabinet, and I was just having some fun (like we've always done for years). I didn't realize that you were on a Bob Coy kind of mission. That's new to me ; that you were trying to save the "newbies," and your cousin.

My bad. My very bad bad.

You've known me since you were a little kid. Maybe you were too young to see what was going on when your father and I left the local church. Your father just walked out, saying, "There's no Holy Spirit here." I stayed and fought. Your father wasn't there when Mel pumped the meeting into a crazy frenzy of, with fists pumping, shouting. "If you're not with us get out. GET OUT, GET OUT!!!" And neither you or he were there when we - your father, Gene and I - were told we had a week to stand up and repent before the whole assembly or get excommunicated.

What's my point? My point is, I guess, that since leaving the church in that way that, I've always been this way. It's nothing new. I even said right off that I didn't belong in your new group. Then someone said something that I felt obligated to respond to and the whole thing got started. And your cousin? C'mon. Unless she's a little girl, she's like you and your father, very tough. Surely a little kidding didn't cause her to have a major nervous breakdown. If so, I'm sorry, and get her into treatment ASAP. Maybe your Dad could help her. Oh, I forgot, you gave him the boot too. Aren't you booting people off your group in droves ; anybody that doesn't jump onto your "new mission from God" or doesn't agree with you?

You forget Jr.. I know your DNA.

But couldn't you better ream me a new one on the phone? And I'm so sorry I tinkled in your cornflakes. I liked you better when you were on the old, when you were all about lovey dovey. The fall of Preacher Bob must have changed you. Are you trying to fill his shoes ... on Facebook? Let me say that again, very loudly : ON FACEBOOK!!!
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