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Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Since you seem (at times) to enjoy great pleasure when others are upset, guys like you are dangerous!
I know I'm dangerous to traditionalists and the superstitious. But I don't really relish upsetting people. I just do it. But I'm on Doug Kreiger's Tribnet 7000 FB group, and he told me in PMs that I'm a shear delight. But he's a much more mature Christian than Jr. Who's still wet behind the ears.

On the way home from dinner my sister told how she used to be a member of the Southern Baptist church just up the road, but won't go there because they expect her to be a republican and to wear dresses.

I said that I could go there but they'd kick me out in a couple of weeks. Since the LC I don't just don't swallow anything and everything any more. And they find that annoying. And I don't, like many around here, think that the preacher speaks for God.

Neither do I think Jr. speaks for God. Even tho he acts like he does. And a group of sycophant's is boring and cult like. I had enough of that in the local church. Jr. still thinks the LC was great. That's because he was too young to have a clue of what was going on. And as a result he's still naive.
Cults: My brain will always be there for you. Thinking. So you don't have to.
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