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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Your view matches that of top theologians in the field such as Daniel B. Wallace who states that it requires exegetical gymnastics to arrive at an egalitarian conclusion.

He has written extensively about this such as here:

What is interesting about him is that personally he is egalitarian but professionally as an expert in NT Greek, he is complementarian and does not believe that the bible supports an egalitarian position.
If he's such a New Testament expert, then he should be honest about discrepancies in the NT manuscripts concern women, and their 'scripturely' demanded silence.

I can't help but think Wallace, as a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, knows where his bread is buttered, and so has to comply with their conservative patriarchal views ... that essentially reflects back to caveman day type views.

That women are are lesser vessels is quite universal across cultures, religions, and times. Particularly among monotheist religions.

Face it, men, as physically stronger, need to subjugate women because women have better brain computers ; and because all human life come from them.

Wallace clearly supports the manly view that prolly does go back to caveman days.
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