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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
My bad. Sorry seeking1. I guess I should hold any questions until I give you the chance to reveal your position in its entirety.

Sorry again brother, or sister (I don't know yet). Consider me just an idiot.

Happy Good Friday ... if you celebrate it.

Hello Awareness,

I am a man, by the way. This is a good write up regarding the complementarian view on woman pastors if you are interested:

My answers to your queries are below.

***I gather that, you don't seem to be too fond of egalitarianism.* Cuz to you it doesn't strike you as true to Timothy.***

Thus far no, it does not strike me as true to the Scriptures.

***Also, I gather that you're not fond of exegesis of scripture.* Like taking a look at the Greek text, context, and so forth and so on.***

Sure I am but, it should lead somewhere. Not just take people in circles and leave them dazed and confused.

***It also stands out that LGBTQ is anathema to you.* I doubt that you'll ever be egalitarian with them.***

Anathema? That's a little harsh but, I would certainly never be affirming of their lifestyle.

***And you seem too to be concerned about being egalitarian with race, Judaism, and Islam.***

Not sure where you got this from.

***Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.* But if I'm not, tell me please, just who are you egalitarian with?***

You may have misunderstood but I am discussing Christian Egalitarianism, that is, Egalitarianism among believers.
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