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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

I get it. Paul said that a prerequisite of being an elder is "husband of one wife" but "got questions" says that doesn't mean "the husband of one wife" but rather that he is a man. Paul said that he raised his family well, but got questions says that doesn't mean he actually raised his family well, but rather that he is a man. I asked a simple question, what is your scriptural basis. You didn't need to give me all this, simply say "I don't have scriptural basis, rather I base this on got questions.

I have a different and radical interpretation. In my interpretation when Paul says that the elder is the husband of one wife, I interpret that to mean that he is the husband of one wife. Likewise, when it says he raised his family well, I interpret this to mean that he raised his family well. I realize that taking Paul as the primary authority over such luminaries as "got questions" is a radical and unpopular way to interpret the Bible.

But here is where it gets interesting. If the elder is the "husband of one wife" then that means you are not simply choosing the man, you are also choosing the woman (you know, the elder women who are charged with teaching the younger women -- i.e. church leaders). When the Bible says that the man shall be joined to his wife and the two shall be one flesh, I take that as well. I suppose got questions can explain that away as well. So if the man is the "husband of one wife" it stands to reason that the woman is the wife of one husband. If the man is credited with "raising his family well" it also stands to reason that the wife should also be credited with raising the family well.

Since two thirds of church members are women it stands to reason that you need both men and women church leaders, a position supported by Paul's charge to the elder women to teach the younger women.

Since the straightforward reading of Paul is logical, and much better aligned to the scripture than the gymnastic interpretation of got questions, why the need for such a twisted misogynistic interpretation? What happens if you have a man, your best Bible teacher, and he is not married, or is divorced, or his kids are the stereotypical "pastor's kids"? Well then, in that case you need someone to spin the word of God to make excuses.

Please note, "gifted teacher of the word" is not a prerequisite for an elder.

Your Bible teacher does not need to be an elder. But what the church needs from the elders is to be an example for the flock, and to counsel the saints to help them primarily with their marriage and family. Hence the prominence of these prerequisites.
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