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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by seeking1 View Post
For anyone that is interested, here is a video of a pastor answering the "Can women be pastors?" question. I have watched, probably 2 dozen videos on the subject but I really liked how this guy (who I had never heard of) laid it out.
He really dives deep into head covering (36 minutes) but skims over the aspect of a woman being an elder or pastor.

His key verse concerning church leadership is that Adam was created first and was not deceived, Eve was created second and fell into transgression. It seems to me that women have a key weakness that men don't have, they are the comely members and drop their defenses when anyone appreciates their comeliness. They also have an aversion to being "ugly". Men on the other hand are not the comely members and do not have the same aversion to being "ugly" when necessary.

I also appreciated the lengthy discussion on the biblical hierarchy. Christ -- head of man -- Man head of woman -- woman head of child.

So what happens when a man becomes a pastor, is his mother still his head?

He ties this into "the woman will be saved through childbearing". He makes an interesting point, she is not saved from hell, she is saved from second place. So then, the hierarchy is not a straight line, it is a circle.

The woman doesn't understand why she is "second place" to the man, but learns at home by raising children and listening to the children with the same questions as to why they are second place to the mom.

Also, this matter of head covering, it applies to everyone. Everyone has their head covered. Elders do not have the authority to "hire and fire" or to "give raises" or to assign work. It is Jesus who saves, Jesus who will reward us at His throne and Jesus who calls. Elders will also be rewarded or punished at the throne, they also need the Lord's salvation, and they also are called by the Lord.

He also connects the verse in 1Cor about Paul not permitting a woman to speak in the meeting with the context about speaking in tongues. It is not a overarching rule but rather specific to the exercise of tongues during a church meeting.

Finally, he points out again and again that these gender specific roles in the NT are so that we would raise our family well.
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