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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Scripture is fairly clear that only the woman was deceived. Adam was not deceived and ate the fruit knowing that it was a sin (1 Tim 2:14). Adam's sin was willful, and greater than the woman's - for this reason death came through Adam directly (Romans 5:12), not Eve.

God declared that the one who had the greater sin (the man) would have the greater responsibility in the church. This may seem unfair as the one who committed the least sin should have preference but God does not make decisions in this way - God makes decisions based on His infinite wisdom.

I believe it is this way for some reasons:

Adam's sin was worse, so God had more to forgive the man, and therefore God showed more grace and love to Adam than Eve (Luke 7:47).

The ability to fall into error without knowing it (deceived) is potentially worse than willful error in regards to leadership. If the leader is deceived then it is blind leading the blind. But if the leader knows their sin, then at least they know. Even though willful sin is worse, it is easier to correct tha deception.

As an example, it is really hard to correct someone who doesn't know they have sinned or even what the concept of sin is, like a small child or an animal. If you correct them once, they will probably repeat their mistake.

But an adult who has full faculty of reason is potentially easier for God to correct and deal with, learn from their lesson and move forward. An example is David and Bathsheba - this was a willful sin on the part of David to kill her husband and it seems he started the affair, but Bathsheba was probably deceived or coerced by David into committing sin but she also shares some of the blame for not being faithful to her husband. For this reason David gets the harsher punishment and Bathsheba does not seem to be punished.
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