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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Wow! I guess this is what Paul means when he says we see through a glass darkly. I think your interpretation is colored by your experience of leaders willfully sinning in the LRC.

I agree with you that most of us would prefer a leader who was not easily deceived. I think we would also prefer a leader who was loyal to us and took responsibility for our error.

Again, I am not interested in proclaiming judgement as to whose sin was greater. Perhaps your interpretation is correct, perhaps Adam, after having been joined to Eve and become one flesh with her didn't want to be cut off from her. Perhaps like Truman he said "the buck stops here" and was willing to take responsibility for the fall. One thing that the preacher on the youtube video that Seeking1 got right is that there are possibly 30 different interpretations of this question.
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