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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Historical revisionism by Mr. E.

How about we change the title of this forum to "THE DEFICIENCY OF THE RECOVERY?"

And the recovery looks much like the Catholic Church in so many ways:
  • Headed by a MOTA much like the Pope
    Ruled by Blendeds much like the Cardinals
    Like a Monsignor, many LC's are administered by a LSM worker
    Elders in name only, actually rule like parish priests
    Daily readings in HWFMR like the Catholic Missal
    Meeting content the same all over the world
    One centralized publishing house for entire church
    Deformed practices of oneness like the RCC
    Quarantine dissenters like the heretics of old
And irony of ironies, I could see all the problems and faults of the RCC system, and the glaring missteps of the SDA church, but was so blind to 'my' cult....why? How could I not see what I now see? I think the culture of silence doesn't differentiate from a culture of deception or outright lies....I recently had an unpleasant run in with an LC sister who cut off contact with me months ago, and who was instrumental in my search for truth and an explanation for behavior I was witnessing in LC saints....she had completely revised what happened in our families case....and was vocal about blaming me for our split....I was shocked and honestly couldn't believe her stance....I am pretty sure the ones NOT answering my calls, texts, and emails are officially the ones doing the shunning....I have come to the conclusion that they are lying to me, and maybe even themselves.....
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