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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I think I have Mormons targeting my little subdivision. There are numerous families with young children who have moved in and they all seem to know each other. When one family hosted "elders" and then moved to Provo, Utah, that was enough to inform me.

I know little about them. Can you say more about them?

Are there any code words I can use to know who is Mormon?
Ask them how many kids they have, that’s an easy one. They’ll also be wearing BYU gear - so you can ask about that. You can ask where they went on mission. Some are very awkward, but most I’ve met at really fun (these ratios are the opposite when compared to the LSM churches). They’re a friendly people, intelligent, well versed in explaining why their beliefs are superior and defending their religion. They are all about being Mormon and doing and saying the right things Mormons are supposed to do and say.
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