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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by leastofthese View Post
I agree, not touchy or volatile at all... I love it when we agree Drake! I’ve only known one Mormon since learning about Witness Lee and I didn’t discuss Lee’s church with him.

Why would they take offense? Well I guess it would be the same reason you take offense of those who compare the LSM churches to the Mormon church...
No one here has taken offense at comparing the local churches to the Mormon sect. We can note that the thread was started with a remark about legal action and that this would be a burden on the tax payer, no doubt a light-hearted attempt at humor, but definitely not a fair comparison.

That said, if anyone should have a right to be offended, it would have to be local church members reading these forum posts.

When you wrote "You obviously haven’t spent time with Mormons. I will say this, my Mormon friends would take offense to me comparing them to The Witness Lee church..."

It implies that you spend time with Mormons, and they are your friends. But now it seems that you only have one Mormon friend, so your "Mormon friends" are an imaginary group of friends that you created to legitimize your knowledge about Mormons and infer that I don't know much about Mormons.
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