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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
“Worse punishment” in the Hebrews verses I quoted.. I even bolded it so it would not be missed.

Well then bhm, what was your point about righteousness comes by our trust in the Son, and the Father has no additional qualifiers, etc. and what was the baloney that Aron cut through that so pleases you. He knows what he meant, but do you know what he meant? I know what he meant. .... but you are an independent thinker and don’t need to ride anyone’s coattails to make your own point so please clarify this....

What qualifiers? Qualifiers for what? Are there not additional qualifiers for entrance into the millennial kingdom? If not, then what is the meaning of Matt 5:22?

Drake loves to chastise young believers emerging from the bondage of LSM's legalities, warning them with the weight of bolded scripture in order to silence those asking for assistance.

ByHisMercy you are not the first precious child of God to suffer judgmental backlash from LSMers while you by His mercy are seeing thru the smoke and mirrors what LSM is really all about.

This has been happening for decades. Unfortunately I viewed it from afar for 30 years and believed W. Lee when I heard his lies about those who spoke against the corruption at LSM. He adamantly instructed us that he was suffering persecution as a faithful follower of Jesus. What a falsehood!

Then I witnessed it first hand during the Ohio quarantines 10 years ago. The Lord shined a bright light on their pathetic ways. They damaged and divided every church in the name of oneness. Can you believe it? It was not the "oneness of the Spirit" which the Bible speaks of, but a twisted oneness with Witness Lee and his ministry which they demand of all.
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