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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
No brother, it is not about disagreement or discrepancy, and we should be diligent to examine the scriptures against any mans teaching. All that is fine and even healthy.

However, you and a few others have not only crossed the line of reasonable and reputable disagreement, but are well into the ditch of hate-mongering of brothers in the Lord. Gleefully you engage in name calling, reckless abandonment, and neglect of Matthew 5:22, recounting the sins of others while excusing your own sins, using the name of God and the things of Christ to justify your words and deeds against members of the Body of Christ. In so passing judgment on others for their sins, weaknesses, and shortcomings in this age you presume to wrest it from the hands of the One who will judge righteously His house, not yours, in the next. And your defense? Others before me did the same thing....

...... well, good luck with that.

Drake, I know you wont respond to my posts because I have exposed LSM's deceitful activities, including those in the Midwest, but I would only ask the reader:

How is it "hate-mongering" to warn others about the dangers of LSM? These ones come to this forum after an internet search and ask questions. Do not ex-members have a responsibility to warn others?

Where was Drake when Lee and sons damaged so many trusting saints? Where was Drake when Phillip Lee was molesting the sisters who volunteered at LSM? Where was Drake when the saints' life savings were wiped out by investing in the Daystar motor home boondoggle? Is not the top priority of every real shepherd to protect the church of God? Why has Drake made it his life's mission to protect a ministry which damages people in the name of God?

Instead of threatening the forum shepherds with biblical judgments, Drake should read about the biblical warnings about evil shepherds.
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