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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
you and a few others have not only crossed the line of reasonable and reputable disagreement, but are well into the ditch of hate-mongering of brothers in the Lord. Gleefully you engage in name calling, reckless abandonment, and neglect of Matthew 5:22
"Gleefully"? Now who's imputing, Mr. Rolleyes?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
It’s okay to disagree. Brothers can and often do.....but you’ve gone too far.
How is it that no one, at any time, got to tell Mr. Lee, "You've gone too far"? When his hand-picked cadre of "senior co-workers" tried, they were sacked. Apparently they never got the memo that Asian culture doesn't allow Big Boss to get exposed.

Now, Asian culture isn't inferior to Swiss or Swedish. But it isn't heavenly, and the tale that God found "virgin soil" in China is hogwash. Paul wrote, "Against an elder don't receive accusation unless by two or three witnesses". ~1 Tim 5:19. But there were far more than two or three witnesses against Papa Witness & sons. If they'd been heard, this forum probably wouldn't exist, with all the "gleeful name-calling" as you suppose it to be.
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