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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Still, what I find amazing is how brazen you are to justify berating and ridiculing christians day in and day out.
This comment is so deceptively disingenuous. Drake knows better.

To say "christians" here is to cast aspersions on the entire body of Christ. This is what Lee and LSM have done for decades. They have categorically condemned "poor, poor, Christianity" on false and vague accusations of "division."

aron, and this forum however, specifically address the teachings and actions of Lee and leaders at LSM. Huge difference! The Bible teaches us not to judge people, but rather instructs us to test their teachings and actions.

Will Mr. E now claim that Drake was "baited" into doing this? I would say rather that brother Drake has been programmed by W. Lee during which time he was taught not to think or to use his mind, since that was too "dangerous" for the future of the LCM.
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