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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Awareness, bent or not, without your and everyone elses testimonies here on LCD, I would still be completely confused and feeling condemned after my disposal by the LC saints. I would have never known how they truly operate, the reality of their exclusivist practices, the damage their divisive beliefs can cause. I thought it was my possible punishment from my was the confusion and distress that really stood out to me as being something of the enemy, not my Lord....He is the God of peace, not confusion. And after the LC sucked me in with their upholding the wonderful scriptural tenets of oneness, one Spirit, one body, one Lord, all the truth they come to find out this was just lipservice for this group....the reality of what they practice in dividing our Lords' body was a shocking surprise, to put it mildly. I thank Him for the truth being trumpeted here. And where would I and others still be if the real testimonies weren't made public knowledge. It is not to bait Drake and Evangelical, or any LC members, but the hidden practices have to come into the Lords' light. He promised to shine on all hidden things of darkness, and He is being faithful to His word. Every LC christian must ask themselves, Why? Why are we expected to be silent or not look at any 'negative' (to the ministry) thing? God in His righteousness does not hide the truth from us....He trumpets the truth through the death of His son and in every way, He does not abide with the lie. Isn't hiding divisions and the reality of the practices being one with darkness, and the lie? (I am speaking specifically here about the way the reality of their practices are hidden from ones like me, who were probably never considered %100 for the ministry. Praise Jesus, logistics and physical distance, and my own reticent personality traits kept me from being present with them, and therefore not 'one with the ministry' for so many years.
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