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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Actually, Ohio, it does. The shame and embarrassment that comes with having been deceived so successfully by the LC....let me just say that knowing I am not alone in this is a balm to my wounds! Especially seeing brothers and sisters here who love our Lord and trust His word...and have His shining....this is comforting. He also has comforted me through His word, enormously. I see in His word all the ways the Lee doctrines contradict scripture, and it has made it easy to set them behind me. Flee from them, actually. The contributions to this forum have blessed me greatly, and I hope so many unsuspecting believers will be steered away from the Lee church by this public conversation. God bless everyone who reads these testimonies with light and truth!
You should appreciate and hold onto everything precious you have received from the LC and your LC brothers and sisters. Our Heavenly Father brought you in contact with them for a reason. There are positive takeaways from every experience we pass thru. In Psalm 23 David realized that God was with him, and comforted him, even though He had brought him thru the valley of the shadow of death. Even when surrounded by his enemies, David's portion of God was at His table.

This is how we all must view our walk with the Lord. Our time in the LC was valuable because the Lord was with us. He led us to the LC for a season, and then He led us out. The shame is not on us, but on the LC for their policies, uplifting the one man Lee, instead of the one Man Jesus Christ. When Jesus is our center, we are one and brotherly love abounds. When the teachings of Lee are our center, then the system of man-pleasers places legalistic demands on ones like you to conform ... or be cast out.
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