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The context of this word in the epistle to Corinth addressed the attitude of members towards one another, specifically the attitudes towards those members who are not comely, whom we don't like, who may be a pain in the neck, who may be vastly different with diverse gifts and shortcomings, etc. How does Paul address this problem? He tells us that we need these members, that God has also placed them in the body, that "God has tempered or "blended" the body together giving more honor to those that lack," and that the members should love one another. Chapter 13 provides excellent descriptions of love, starting out, "Love is patient, love is kind ..."
Compare God's work of "blending" in the body of Christ with W. Lee's goals of "blending" for the recovery:
  • God intended via blending the more abundant honor be given to those members that lack, those members which are less comely
  • Lee intended via blending that all honor be given to the ministry of Lee at LSM
What a contrast! What a distortion of truth! What a failure here by Lee.
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