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Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
Okay, for example, in "Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life", Lee says:

"God has blended the Body together (1 Cor. 12:24).The word blended also means adjusted, harmonized, tempered, and mingled. God has blended the Body, adjusted the Body, harmonized the Body, tempered the Body, and mingled the Body. The Greek word for blended implies the losing of distinctions. One brother's distinction may be quickness, and another's may be slowness. But in the Body life the slowness disappears and the quickness is taken away. All such distinctions are gone."

So here he claims the Greek word implies the losing of distinctions. How is it possible for someone who doesn't know Greek to know if that is true or if Lee is just saying whatever he wants to say?
Obviously W. Lee was not doing a word study here, but when ministering in the church, much leeway should be afforded to him.

That being said, if God made both brothers, and placed both in the body, then both should be a blessing. There should not be some "ideal speed" that all the brothers strive for. But why should all such "speed distinctions" need to be all gone? Shall the hands say to the feet, "why do you walk so fast?"

It takes a longer period of time to ascertain Lee's real intentions for "blending." Why must all my distinctions be eliminated? Why are all distinctions bad except for those in charge at LSM? Why are all LC distinctions bad?
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