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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by aron View Post
But why does LSM discussion of the Reformation always seem to assume that meaningful church history only began with the Reformation? Statements like, "The Reformation was lipstick on a pig" implies tacitly that there are 3 choices emerging from history: the RCC, Protestants, and the Recovered/Degraded Recovered spinoff of the Protestants. The pig, the lipstick, and us. But church history didn't start in 1500. And there have always been other churches besides the RCC.

Again, in 1525 Germany the point was moot, for Luther. Not for us, today. Our horizons are not his, and our narrative shouldn't presuppose only his as its basis.
Yes, just read Broadbent's seminal work, "The Pilgrim Church" about the primitive ekklesia in the dark ages. There have have always been a remnant that didn't take man's way (and were often persecuted for it).
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