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By contrast, when you "temper" something, you "mix it with some balancing quality or substance so as to avoid anything extreme". This fits in much better with the context of the surrounding verses which talk about comely members having no need, and less honorable, uncomely members being given more abundant honor.....this is the "tempering" (rather than a "blending") so that the lacking uncomely members are made less extreme and are brought in balance with the comely members.
Thanks Trapped. This is a much more biblically coherent interpretation/understanding of this vital and crucial biblical concept then the one put forth by Witness Lee or the Blended Brothers. Lee very rarely used context, or I should say, proper and comprehensive context, when it came to a teaching that touched upon the relationship between church leadership and those who they were leading (aka the flock). In this case, Lee had a huge conflict of interest - if he interpreted these passages in their proper context, he would had to admit that he himself was in desperate need of tempering and balance by the other members of the Body. Witness Lee could never accept, much, much less fully embrace this notion because he would have had to admit that his person and work - his absolute authority and infallible ministry - were indeed in desperate need of tempering and balance.
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