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Originally Posted by Trapped View Post
By contrast, when you "temper" something, you "mix it with some balancing quality or substance so as to avoid anything extreme". This fits in much better with the context of the surrounding verses which talk about comely members having no need, and less honorable, uncomely members being given more abundant honor.....this is the "tempering" (rather than a "blending") so that the lacking uncomely members are made less extreme and are brought in balance with the comely members.
Could not we also say that "the comely members are made less extreme and are brought in balance with the uncomely members?"

Far too often, especially as with the LCM, it is the "comely" gifted members that need real tempering. It is they who have become the source of problems and divisions, causing the children of God to follow them and not the Lord. (Acts 20.30) This was all too evident with W. Lee. He even solicited rivalries among his lieutenants -- think how much trouble that caused the body of Christ?

The Apostle Paul, however, was keenly aware of these dangers, and thus became a great pattern for the church and healthy ministers. Did he not receive a thorn in the flesh to prevent him from being puffed up? (2 C 12.7) He only used his authority for building up. (2 C 10.8)
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