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The gifts are operations of the same and one Spirit so it is strange for you to argue that they are distinct from one another.
As a practical example, there is little difference between gift of healing/miracles and gift of faith, or gift of tongues and gift of interpretation. Gift of teaching and gift of prophecy are also closely related. Discernment and word of knowledge is also very similar. They are all just operations of the one and same Spirit so this is an example of no distinctions.
I am not the one arguing they are distinct, the apostle Paul laid them out very clearly as being distinct by literally using the word "distinctions" over and over and over.

Secondly, the individual distinctions named are themselves composed of a variety of distinct things. For example, for the first one named (distinctions of gifts) brother Lee's footnote says this refers to "the abilities or capacities for service." Do you not believe that these abilities/capacities for service are themselves varied and distinct? Just think of the many areas for service in a local church - are they not varied and distinct one from the other? Or in your locality are the ones on bookroom service then called to turn around and seal the new meeting hall parking lot asphalt....since there is no distinction in gifts?

Brother Nee has this to say: "A gift is the skill of a person. A ministry is the work of a person, and an operation or function is the result of a person's work. For example, in a construction company, there may be concrete workers, stone masons, and carpenters. The three kinds of craftsmen each have their own skill. Actually, there are different skills just among carpenters. Some are good at floor work, and others specialize in making windows or doors. These different skills are like the different gifts mentioned in the Bible. Every servant of God has a certain kind of skill derived from his gift. The gifts are given by the Holy Spirit. There are distinctions of gifts, but the same Spirit. Everyone has his own gift, but all these gifts must be under the control of the Spirit (v. 11)." (CWWN)

Does the Spirit only operate in one way? No. The Spirit operates in a variety of ways. Thus, the one and same Spirit can have a variety of operations that are distinct. You so neatly grouped together a few that are related (but still distinct), but are you really trying to tell me that there is little difference between someone having a gift of healing and another having a gift of interpretation of tongues? The point of the passage is that there is a variety of distinctions YET THE ONE AND SAME SPIRIT. It is amazing!
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