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The salvation of unsaved ones on campus surely rates higher priority than caring for the physical needs of widows and orphans of which there are plenty of charities willing and able to help. Even the apostle Paul prioritized preaching over baptism.

Jesus spent his earthly ministry BOTH proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom AND taking care of the physical needs of those he met. In Matthew 10 He sends out his disciples telling them to proclaim the kingdom of the heavens as well as to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons.

Matthew 4:23 - Jesus proclaimed in the synagogues AND healed every disease and sickness.

The Scripture is repeatedly clear that Jesus cares both for people's eternal needs as well as their immediate physical needs. If this is how Jesus spent the 1000+ days of His earthly ministry (before going to the cross), surely we should too.
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