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Default Re: Discernment of spirits

I also cannot agree that Evangelical's OP presents the complete way to discern spirits. All three verse passages cited refer to discernment by what is spoken (confessing the name); however, as several others have said, there are other verses that state there will be some who say "Lord, Lord" and yet the Lord never knew them. I think we also all know there are many out there using the Lord's name and saying the phrases cited in the Bible as a test for discerning spirits, and yet they are false prophets.

I would say rather that the OP presents a test that is a first-line of defense. Obviously if someone cannot even say "Jesus is Lord" then that alone is ample evidence that can be used for discernment. But if they can say "Jesus is Lord", it seems there is further testing needed for full and proper discernment.

But what is that further testing?


To change brief direction about "feeling". I have heard for decades about not "going with our feelings". However, I would say one of the most oft-repeated phrases among brothers in the lead is "How you do feel about such-and-such matter?" "Before I can do anything I need to get the brothers' feeling."

Bizarre for the "regular" saints to be told to avoid their feeling but the ones making the decisions are asked about their feeling constantly.
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