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I agree with Zeek's statement about "What else is there?". If we cannot use the confession of the Lord Jesus as absolute proof of the anointing then there are not many more tests we can use and stay within the bible. Medieval Europe or even the Reformation was rife with unscriptural tests and this led to the death of many wrongly accused witches and heretics.
You are misappropriating what I said. When I asked "What else is there?" I was referring to the individual's subjective experience. To turn that around and make it an "absolute proof" by which judge other's "anointing" subverts my meaning. Based on Jesus' dictum "judge not lest ye be judged", I submit that all judgments of our fellow human beings should be provisional not final in recognition of our own fallibility.

What you're asserting about calling on the name of the Lord is, based on my experience in the Local Church ill advised. People used the name of the Lord for all kinds of reasons and motives, some of them pure and others not. There's nothing magical about it. You have to make human judgments about intent and it's best to recognize that you may be wrong. "Discerning spirits" is at best an art not a science.

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